Npl Wide Bay $4000 Road to riches event 

Venue: Kondari Hotel Urangan.
Entry into this event is via ticket.
Win a ticket at any NPL Wide Bay game or surrounding area. Message your local TD to find out!
Rego open : 930am
Starts : 11am
Late Rego till 2:20pm

Road to Riches.

  • A lost ticket cannot be replaced.
  • Ticket may not be used for any event date other then stated on the front of the ticket.
  • A player must have played a minimum of 6 NPL events since the previous invitational.
  • NPL reserves the right to refuse entry.
  • NPL reserves the right to change tournament structure and/or pay out structure without prior notice.
  • Tournament Directors rulings are final.
  • NPL Requires participants to be 18 years or older to play.
  • Chips used in this tournament have no monetary value.
  • Prise pool is made from NPL Wide Bay Games Only.Tickets won outside the Wide Bay are Freerolled and do not add to the prise pool. Prise Pool is not based on player count.
  • Players agree by registering in the tournament that NPL have the right to photograph and promote the member for a period of three years as with no remuneration from NPL.
  • For full details and terms and conditions check

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